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We are a group of researchers currently involved in varying research areas related to Engineering and Technology with a major focus on Civil Engineering. Being associated with academics and research we are aware of the importance of knowledge sharing and the benefits it brings with it, therefore, we as a group want to provide a platform to a lot of guys out there who want to have access to educational content in much easy way. We also bring to you the contents that are free from regular pop-ups and advertisements, which seems to be very frustrating and annoying. 

We have a group that is comprised of an apt mix of Researchers, Professionals turned Student and Researchers, and can, therefore, relate to a lot of students out there, who strive hard for obtaining and assessing quality content in a very easy way. This Website is created during the days of lockdown which was due to the pandemic of COVID-19, which surely taught us new ways of teaching and learning process outside of classrooms. It also brought to us the need and understanding of E-learning and the importance it will have in the coming future.

Thus, taking the same inspiration we look forward to provide you quality content that will serve as an important ingredient in the learning process of a global audience.


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We provide lecture notes for Engineering students and school going students under our Education section. We also provide some videos related to exercises that can be performed at one's home with ease and without any equipment which will help in keeping our audience healthy under our Health & Wellness section. Through our blogs, we will keep you aware of recent trends and scenarios under some interesting domains. Overall, We will strive to keep up to our motto and vision of keeping everyone Aware, Educated and Healthy.

We also collaborate with our partners in the education and hospitality sector to provide you better services.


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